Different Ways to Travel to Riga
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Latvia is a small country that is sandwiched between Lithuania and Estonia in the Baltic region of Europe. Riga is Latvia’s largest city and its capital. From being a small country that was under the rule of Soviet Russians to being a major tourist destination in the region, Latvia and Riga in particular have come a long way. The expansion of the tourism industry in Riga has been such that it has brought along with it lots of employment opportunities, several clubs, pubs, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers have opened up in the past few decades to serve thousands of tourists that flock into this fast developing city. For those visiting the city, Riga sightseeing is an incredible experience; something that they cannot forget in a hurry! The sudden increase in the tourism sector has also meant that several airlines are offering great deals to their customers into visiting this magnificent city.

RigaAirline companies like Wizz, Airbaltic, Ryanair and others are offering their services from Riga and help connect it with other major cities of Europe. If you are intending to have excursions in Latvia you need to get the best deals from these companies and hop on to one. Once you are in Riga, there is so much to see and do that you may even end up extending your excursions by a week! Getting discounted flight tickets from major cities like London to Riga is not really difficult. You only need to do a bit of research and book your tickets well in advance. Some of the cheapest tickets will cost you only about 50 Euros (including taxes).

It is not just the airlines that will be willing to offer you the best deals in town to help you get to Riga. There are other means of transport that will be interested to help you get to Riga at nominal rates. If you are in Stockholm, for example, you can board a ferry as it will offer attractive prices to you especially during low seasons. You can get the most out of excursions in Riga if you can save money through these travel endeavors. So always it is better to check out the travel deals before you commit to it. Ferries are always an interesting mode of transport especially if you are not used to traveling on waters. Not only are these modes of transport really cheap, but they will also provide you with stunning views of the city as you come close to it.
If you love to travel by road, then you will find many bus companies that are willing to give you best deals. Companies like Ecolines and Eurolines provide cheap but quality travel services across different European destinations, including Riga. A trip to Vilnius or Tallinn from Riga may cost you about 15 Euros. There are also other companies like Simple Express that may be willing to give you the best deals in town. So always watch out for them and ensure your Riga tours are benefited from it a lot.
The next level of fun begins when you enter Riga and make it your home for the next few days. You may be forced to think that accommodation facilities in this lively city are expensive. However, you are wrong into thinking that way. Most of the hotels in and around the Old Town area are cheap and provide excellent facilities to their customers. You can either book your rooms after you land in Riga or have them booked well in advance through the internet. Considering that Riga is always full of tourists, it is better to book your hotel rooms well in advance. This will ensure you will not be panicking at the last minute and that your stay in Riga will be comfortable and luxurious.

Riga – The European Capital of Culture 2014
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In the year 2014 Riga will be the European capital of culture. Since 1985, European Union announces a city in Europe which will become a European capital of culture. Since 2004, the European Union  enlargement this status is shared by two cities, each of a different country. In 2014 Riga will share this status with Umea (Sweden). This will be the greatest cultural project in Latvia so far. There will be a rich event calendar throughout 2014, but this gives Riga an opportunity to attract tourists long before 2014.

Latvian_capitalIn 2014 Riga will not only be the European Capital of Culture, but there will be held the World Choir Games 2014. From July 09 – 19 in Riga. The idea of this event is based on the Olympic games. It unifies singing people and nations around the world connected by song in a fair competition. Since 2000, this event is held in a different country every two years. The World Choir Games gathers more than 20.000 participants from more than 80 countries around the world every time the games are held. Latvia has the perfect infrastructure for this event, as Latvians have their own choir traditions.

Reasons to visit Latvian capital
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Old Riga is on the UNESCO list of world heritage. Amazingly for a city which survived two world wars, the formerly walled section of the Latvian capital city which is known as Old Riga has presented a glorious range of old, older and very old buildings.

Dome Cathedral in the old town in Riga

Dome Cathedral

There are truly many magnificent architecture masterpieces, for example, the Riga Dome Cathedral which dates back the 13th century, and the fantastic Gothic facade of St. Peter’s Church. The oldest  residential buildings in the Latvian capital are the so-called “Three Brothers”, which we would place on the “Must see” list when you are visiting Riga. The newly rebuilt House of the Blackheads and the newly built City Hall are truly masterpieces of architecture and antiquity.

Old Riga has very good adapted itself in the 21st century, with all the tourists who visit Riga all year-round, with nice hotels and with its many eateries. The old town is really nice place just to wander through some of the surprisingly narrow streets and alleyways. Even with its modern shops and hotels you can still feel the ancient spirit which the old town can offer.